Independence has arrived.

For too long, indie brands have been beholden to e-comm giants. Unable to replicate the tools they offer, access the data they hoard, or protect the goods they copy, they’ve ceded control to the most unusual party: their competitor.

At PANTASTIC, we understand that most small businesses that set up their own personal e-commerce operations in response to the pandemic aren’t benefiting from the surge in online shopping. It’s just too difficult to compete with big box e-commerce platforms, where brands are stuck competing against millions of other merchants (and even the private labels some platforms create which compete against their own brand). Small business owners are already beginning to give up, and we don't want that to happen.

Strength in numbers, power through independence.

We created PANTASTIC so indie brands join forces to showcase their wares, safeguard their creations, secure their data, and scale their ventures. We want to empower indie brands with the tech they need, the data they deserve, and the exposure they crave.

Why shop indie?

Make no mistake: indie brands are shaping the future. Free from corporate control and unattached to past precedent, independent brands are rewriting the rules of e-commerce.

They’re bringing beauty to categories defined only by function, affordability to products long out of reach, and sustainability where waste runs rampant.

Together, indie brands are disrupting the marketplace. And we’re helping them do it.

Power to the makers,