Strength in Numbers,
Power through Independence

PANTASTIC is where indie brands join forces to showcase their wares, safeguard their creations, and scale their ventures.

We help brands thrive.
Tired of second guessing your path to success? Are you using arcane methods that is either too technical or too simplistic? You have a choice now with Pantastic.
A World of New Customers.
By enabling brands to work together, sell together and learn together, brands on Pantastic reach more customers and grow faster than anywhere else.
AI-Powered Merchandising
Our scale is your most powerful tool. You know your customer, but we know who is about to be your customer. We’ll make sure your next biggest fans find you.
Cost Efficient Acquisition
Spend less acquiring customers by leveraging our reach and scale - traditional ad networks are now more expensive than ever making it cost prohibitive to compete. 
World Class Tech
Real-time automated everything from catalogue sync to brand payment processing.
The Perfect Shopping Experience.
A stage for your brand to stand out. Pantastic offers extraordinary foresight on customer needs and wants.
Fresh Every Time
The product mix is constantly adjusting to meet shoppers' moods, so they'll want to come back often to see what's new.
Smart Bundling
Your products will be automatically included with smart bundles to increase your reach and sales.
Unboxing Delight
Pantastic brings them together, you still own the experience. Orders come in as if they were shopping on your site, your fulfillment doesn’t change.
Analytics, Insight, Action.
Increase the effectiveness of your entire business with real-time insights from fulfillment to retention.
Pantastic Brand Dashboard
The Pantastic Brand Dashboard tracks important metrics including fulfillment efficiency, inventory turnover, and product mix quality, and provides clear action items to improve.
Deep Analytics
Get actionable insights from complex higher order metrics like Retention and Lifetime Value to optimize your marketing and growth strategies.
Industry Benchmarks
Get access to layers of proprietary industry benchmarks to better understand how your store is doing compared to global brands and your local competition.
A Community of Experts.
The hardest questions aren't Google-able. Now you can join a community of industry veterans, inspiring entrepreneurs and fellow brand-builders to help you face challenges and grow.
Private Discussion Groups
With a Pantastic membership, you get invite-only access to participate in closed forums of relevant like-minded brands.
Exclusive Perks
Get valuable introductions and discounts to vendors and services that accelerate your business.
Expert Advice
Ask hard questions and get actionable advice from experienced brands who have faced similar challenges.
We’re on a mission to put brands back in control of their destiny.

After spending the last 20 years building successful software companies in e-commerce, retail, and logistics, the three of us came to the same conclusion. Today’s e-commerce landscape is dominated by 4 major players who are squeezing independent brands out of the market.

We’re here to change that.

Be Pantastic.