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Pantastic Promotion Here
Strength in numbers, power through independence.
PANTASTIC is where indie brands join forces to showcase their wares, safeguard their creations, and scale their ventures.
Membership fee waived for a limited time.
We want to create real scale for indie businesses.
Today’s e-commerce landscape is dominated by 4 major players who are squeezing independent brands out of the market. Our team knows well that for too long, indie brands have been beholden to these ecomm giants, unable to replicate the tools they offer, access the data they hoard, or protect the goods they copy. Until now.
A Network Like No Other.
By enabling brands to work together, sell together and learn together, brands on PANTASTIC reach more customers and grow faster than anywhere else.
Innovative Scale.
Leverage our reach and scale. We got you, and you are no longer alone in trying to promote yourself. Now search can drive more efficiently to your brand than ever. We promote and get your brand in front of new customers.
AI Powered Merchandising.
Data is your most powerful tool. We understand not only your products, but your current and future customers as well which enables us to deliver real-time personalized recommendations to each and every visitor. Get corporate-scale data that is never provided to the ‘little guy’.
Cost Efficient Acquisition.
Spend less acquiring customers. Traditional ad networks are now more expensive than ever making it cost prohibitive to compete and often result in non-converting traffic and wasted spend. Spend only when you sell.
Brands Love Us
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Frequently Asked Questions
What are the benefits of selling on PANTASTIC?
PANTASTIC is powered by sophisticated AI merchandising and leverages smart bundling to increase your sales while making your acquisition more cost efficient. The AI understands not only your products, but your customers as well to deliver real-time personalized recommendations to each and every customer.  With this unique data set, we are able recommend your products to likely buyers that are in a purchase cycle for other products. 
What are the fees involved?
To sell products on PANTASTIC, there is a commission fee so you don’t pay us anything unless we sell your products. To see the details of the fee table, you can see the Supplier Agreement.
How do I get paid and when?
Pantastic operates on a bi-weekly settlement basis. Upon the conclusion of a given 14-day period, Pantastic will reconcile the amounts due to you and remit the balance to the bank, PayPal, or other payment account provided. This balance transfer will be sent on the Thursday following a given period’s close, and should be available to you the following business day. If the Thursday or Friday occurs on a U.S. Federal Holiday, a corresponding delay in receiving any funds may occur. For more details, see the PANTASTIC Supplier Agreement.
I need some help, how do I contact support?
To get additional support, you can email Brand Support at brand-care@pantastic.com.
How do orders through PANTASTIC work?
When PANTASTIC sells one of your products, you will receive an order as you normally would. The order will have PANTASTIC as the "Bill to" and the end customer will be on the “Ship to” line.
Who pays for shipping?
The end customer pays the shipping fee.
Once I receive an order, how do I ship?
When you receive an order from PANTASTIC, it will include the shipping information on it just like it would on an order from your website.